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Pubescent nymphet poses

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Related post: Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2004 02:01:06 fsbrc nymphet +0000 From: Jorge Grossao Subject: grossao-pornstar/ready-for-daddy-1READY FOR DADDY by Jorge AlvarezMy name is Pierre, I was born in France but after my father died my mother moved to Brazil, where she taught French at the Alliance Francaise in Rio. She put me in a soccer school for boys and that's where I met the man who was to become my stepdad, Edson Grossao.Edson had been a famous sun nymphet bbs world soccer champion and then retired. I was only 11 but I already knew I was gay, and from the moment I saw him I got a crush on Edson. He's tall, very muscular, with pitch black erotic pink nymphets skin and a huge bulge in his shorts. I had to get that dick.I soon found that there were other gay boys in the school. And they told me that, contrary to most coaches who run soccer schools, Edson never touched a boy, russian pedo nymphets he seemed to be totally straight. 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It turned out that, in that marriage, the 11-year old stepson was the real wife...I loved to nymphets preeteen galleries bbs nymphets ukrainian go to sleep with his heavy body crushing my slender one, to feel his hot breath on the back of my neck, his humongous dick thrust between my thighs, my smooth ass rubbing against his hairy washboard belly.I have imprinted forever in my body and mind the thickness of his cock, the width of his muscular thighs, the weigth of his hairy balls, the powerful taste of his cum. I called him daddy and he called me baby, and he loved to hear me say dirty French words like "je veux sucer ta grosse bite", I want to suck your big dick, or "leche ma chatte", lick my pussy, or "mange mon con", eat my cunt, or "fous moi ta grosse queue", fuck me with your big cock. But that didn't happen, alas...One year passed and he still hadn't fucked me. Admittedly, his cook seemed too big for a boy's asshole, but who knows. I wanted it so bad... One day I made up a story and said to my stepdad that a friend in school had told me that his dad fucked him in the shower. It was a tall tale but hard fucking nymphets Edson believed in it."Do you want it, Pierre? I want it too, I'm so horny for your pretty ass, but I'm afraid it'll kill you, my cock being so huge. Even your mother can't take me in her cunt, it's too young nymphet tgp tight. I tried to fuck her just once and she screamed in pain, now she won't let me even get close. I'm afraid it won't work with us, honey...""Why don't you start by working on my asshole, to get it looser. Why, instead of just your tongue, don't you stick a finger or two or three, nymphets lol nude or the whole fist? I can take it..."So in our long showers together Edson began to play with his fingers up my ass. That felt great, my asshole started to get looser and for the first time I came, whith dad's thick fingers deep inside me.My mom loved salami, so dad bought them underage russian nymphettes for her. But before he gave her a salami to eat, he'd shove it up my butt, to open me up a little bit more. Mom loved the smoky, musky taste of her salami, without knowing that my ass juices had added a special touch to the final flavor...Then hot nymphet top little sex nymphets we started plump nude nymphets playing with mangoes, my dad's and mine favorite fruit. It's amazing how big they grow lqand of nymphets in Brazil! They have one called ox heart, "coracao de boi", almost as big as Edson's dick head, nymphet porn free 10-inches wide and weighing two pounds.Daddy would peel the mango and then shove it up my ass, inch by inch, until the whole thing was inside. Then, with his sharp teeth, he'd pull the whole thing out and eat it, still embedded in my ass, smearing my buttocks with the yellow juice and sexy virgins nymphets slurping the whole fruit mixed with my own butt juices...One morning daddy announced: "Baby, I think you're ready. Today I'm going to fuck your pretty French ass naked nymphets pictures after we come home from soccer class".My head was in the clouds the whole day. I made an effort to play little cute nymphet bbs better while he watched me, my about-to-be-fucked young ass bouncing in my tight shorts, my little dick list sites nymphet hard as I thought of his humongous cock finally entering my virgin body.On our way home I sucked daddy's cock in the car just to get him harder, without letting him cum. I wanted to save nymphet model top site all his semen to seed my about-to-be-opened pussy. We rushed to the shower, and he took me in his big arms, naked nymphets jpg hugging me with my legs up on his shoulders.I had my asshole ready, his huge hard dick aimed at my back virgin nymphets world entrance, his arms around my waist, my feet on his broad shoulders, his eyes deep into mine, the hot nymphet illegal water nn nymphets splashing on our sexy bodies, when my mother caught us.Her class had been canceled for some reason and she had come home early. She made a big scene, divorced him and took me back to France.Now that she's dead, and I'm 18, I'm back in Rio, where my stepdad owns a big churrascaria, a steakhouse. I tgp nymphete look for him, but erotic art nymphets he's traveling. His brother is there, though, a very nice black stud named Jorge Grossao. I know that he used to be a soccer player like Edson, then a movie star young nude nymphs (gay porn movies, Edson told me) and at the moment he's helping his older brother to run the steakhouse.I tell him who I am and ask for a job, to work in his place."Of course, Pierre, you'd be a perfect host, standing at the door just looking pretty".And he illegal nymphet 14 yo whispers in my ears: "With that gorgeous rump of yours I'm sure you'll attract a lot of business, boy".I blush and smile. I'm glad I'm going to be close to sweet nymphette be my stepdad again -- if I can resist his brother's advances...I'm proud of my looks. I'm tall, big boned, muscular, with a handsome, chiseled face, jet little nymphets angels black hair and blue eyes. Girls are crazy for me but I'm not interested. I'm horny for guys but, being still a virgin, I'm too shy to try anything.I start to work and, every time he has a chance, Jorge Grossao whispers "bonitinho", handsome, and "vou te naturist girls nymphets comer todinho", I'm gonna eat toplist usa nymphet you whole, also meaning I'm gonna fuck you, and "bundinha gostosa", sweet ass.I tell him to stop and even threaten to tell my stepdad, whenever he's back. He just laughs and fondles my butt with his big hands. I get a hardon, he sees it and laughs harder. I run to the restroom to beat my meat while taiwan nymphets I look at my butt in the mirror. Yes, my buttocks are gorgeous, pink and smooth, pt nymphet model plump and hard, full and round. I cum like crazy, thinking of Jorge Grossao and his still young nymphet image unseen big black dick.Jorge Grosao, my black stud uncle, gets bolder. His caresses go deeper in the crack between my buttocks. His breath feels hotter in my ears. I feel his urge and it thrills me. I'm excited to feel so desired by this big strong black male.Late one night he tells me to meet him after we close, on the the roof. There's a lush tropical garden up there. I've heard rumors that sometimes guys have sex, hiding behind the bushes. My heart is thumping in my chest when I unlatch the door that leads to the terrace.It's a dark night, I can't see much. Then I see the red butt of a cigarette blinking somewhere. I walk there and it's him, towering over me, breathing hard. It's a joint he's smoking, and he shares it with me. I've never smoked pot before, my head starts to turn and pre nymphet sex I giggle."Shhh, boy, underage nymphet lol quiet, you don't want anyone to hear us, do you?"I'm suddenly frightened. What am I doing here in the dark alone with this big black man? He's technically my step uncle, but he can kill me if he wants too. Well, actually he wants to fuck me... What if my nymphet sexually pics stepdad finds out! He'll kill me, he'll cp pics nymphet never nymphet lotita accept that another man took my cherry, even his own brother...I'm almost panicking, but Jorge Grossao is not loosing time. He grabs me by the waist and kisses me, sticking his fat tongue deep in my mouth. He wraps his thick, huge lips around mine and suck them into his mouth as he nymphet gallery hard twists his tongue around my tongue and starts to fuck my ukranian nymphettes throat.God, I'm all limp and soft in his strong arms. I knew I wanted a man but I never imagined it would feel so good to be kissed and conquered like that. I'm sweet nymphet galleries all his, he can do with me whatever he wants. He grabs me by the ass and shoves his thick fingers in my soft flesh. I feel his passion and his sex urge. His hard dick is pressing against my belly and my own hardon.We unbutton each nymphets girlrs nude other's pants, loose the shirts and underwear in a flash, and I'm now totally naked in his arms, his dick throbbing against my skin, hot as hell. I slide my trembling hands along his hard body and touch the monster. It is a monster!"God what is this? It's so huge!""That's Grossao. That's why they call me Jorge Grossao. Grossao, meet Pierre, he's your new fuck buddy. Boy, why don't you start cp nymphets by giving Grossao a big kiss?"His dick is not as big as his brother's, my stepdad, I have to say, but its still huge, very thick, and after six years pining for a big black dick I go down on it with a vengeance. Unlike Edson's, who's really too thick, I can take Jorge's whole cock in tiny russian nymphetts my mouth with ease, nymphets forum without gagging. He loves it."Oh boy you're so good. My brother never told me about you. Did you suck his cock?""Yep, for a year. Before my mother caught us and took me away"."Oh, poor boy. So he never got a chance to fuck you?""No. I nymphet young oics came model nymphet young back to Rio now, dreaming that I'd find him and he'd finally take my cherry...""Mmmm. But you know he's too big. He might kill you. It's sharing a nymphet xxx better if you let yourself be opened by a slightly smaller dick, and then you'll be ready for daddy. What do you say?""I have to think about it. Meanwhile, let me suck your dick, I haven't tasted cum in six years!"Jorge's cock goes down well in my gullet, thick as it is. I guess by starting so young, with such a huge dick as nymphets suck Edson's, I became an expert. It's like riding a bike, it underage nymphets kids paradise comes back without thinking. Soon my cocksucking skills are making Jorge Grossao moan and elite nymphetes nude grunt, and then shoot a huge, delicious cum load in my mouth."Good boy... Now nymphet island I have to come back downstairs. But think about my proposal. I can make you ready for daddy, whenever you want. But don't linger little nymphets erotic porn 'cause he's coming back soon, from his trip."The bittersweet taste of Grossao's cum stays in my mouth, the strong male scent of his skin, of his huge cock and balls impregnate my skin, I can't think of anything else but surrender to free sex nymphettes his urge sexy nymphette to fuck me, but I'm still afraid of what my stepfather would think, now that I'm about to be reunited with him after all these years.Then one night after closing I nude nymphet thumb go to the empty kitchen and see that there's someone inside. I sneak in, hiding behind the big wall of fire, where the skewers of meat are cuties nude nymphets xxx roasting, and I see Jorge Grossao, grabbing a boy from behind and shoving his huge cock up his ass.It's Mario, one of our prettiest busboys, a blond young man from Porto Alegre, a gaucho, and I asian nymphet bbs have to admire the beauty of his strong, white buttocks as he takes Grossao's shagging, humping back to meet his powerful thrusts. I've never seen a man xxx nymphette fuck another before and it makes me dizzy. I want it naked nymphets cp too!The boy cums, his long white jets landing on the roasting meat, making it tastier, and Grossao grunts and groans, cumming deep in the blond boy's ass. Then Mario pulls his pants up, gives Grossao's cock a last kiss and leaves.I hide in my dark corner, horny and terrified. I'm afraid that Grossao has seen me watching him fuck the boy. What will he do?"Come here Pierre. Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you. You saw me fucking that boy. You want it too, don't you?""Yes. I nude russian nymphets erotic nymphet yana do.""So come here, Grossao is ready for photos nymphettes nues more. You can't get my huge dick out of your mind, can you?""No, I can't, how do you know?""It's always like that. All the boys are the same. They can't resist Grossao"."Why do you brag so much when your cock is smaller than your brother's?""You got me there, Pierre. But there's a catch for being as big as Edson is. He doesn't fuck anyone. He's actually a virgin, hasn't ever fucked anyone, not even your mother, not even nymphet boards you! I'm not as 15yo nymphet big, but at least I've fucked thousands of men and boys"."That's the problem with you, Jorge. For you I'll be just another fuck, like Mario, while my stepdad really loves me. I don't want to loose him just to be your next boypussy!""Right, you have a point there, I'm a cad. But on the other hand, you have to prepare your boypussy, as you put it, to get ready for daddy. You know you won't survive if 14 yo nymphets Edson's monster is the underage nymphets land eating nymphets first to enter you, there's no chance, he's just too big. So why not take advantage of having someone like me, who's big but not too big, and more, his own brother, girl nymphet tgp to russian nymphet teen get you ready for daddy?""Oh my God, Grossao, how annoying can you be? I guess I'll let you fuck me just to get rid of you...""OK, then just turn around and bend over"."Not so fast! I want my first time to be romantic, slow, sweet, something to remember. And I'm calling the shots and running the show, OK?""That's good with me as long as I fuck you, who cares who's the boss?""So now you, Jorge Grossao, take those big, roasting pieces of meat, pull the skewers out, and model nymphet tiny place them on the floor, making a rost meat bed 14 yr old nymphets for us"."Oh boy, I thought I was kinky but you're something!"Grossao does as I tell him and he lies down on top of the hot sirloins and filet mignons still steaming from the broil. I sit on his lap with photo my nymphets my cp nymphs back to him, showing off my team nymphets bbs glorious buttocks, rubbing my buns on his big hard dick."Now nymphets vids get that big sausage very young nymphet pic and shove it in my ass. Ouch! pubescent nymphet poses That feels so good and hot! You see, uncle Jorge, I can take a big piece of meat up my ass! Not as big as your manhood, but still, quite a bit for a young boy, don't you think?"Grossao pulls out the sausage from my butt and bites it, eating the whole thing as he slaps my buttocks. He gets another big pice of meat, what they call in Brazil "picanha", almost the same word as "pica", cock, and sticks it up my hungry ass."Oh Grossao this feels almost as thick as your dick, what a treat! Eat that too, you hungry stud, bbs gallery nymphets before I let you eat my ass!"After gulping down the picanha, Grossao attacks my plump buttocks and I start to get worrried that he'll take nymphet sex vids my words literally and will nymphette lollita really eat my sumptuous, fat, tasty buns. But no, thank God. He bites me, but stops short of actually eating me alive.I'm now ready for the main action. I look back nymphets samples at his dick and I see that it's really a serious piece of meat, black and hard, towering over his muscular body, pining for my asshole. I'm still a virgin, nymphet teen bbs technically, but am I ready for this?
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